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30th Anniversary

This month’s happenings:

  • The anniversary kicks off with an announcement of the 30@30!                                                                                                                                                         
  • Our first featured story is Three 30@30 Specialists Mark Milestones in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.                                                                                                                              
  • What important event in 1961 laid the groundwork for the Specialist Program?  Scroll through the Specialist 30th Timeline and find out!                                                                                                                                                 
  •  Stay tuned for updates on how we’re going to celebrate at Virtual TESOL 2021!
  • Do you have your copy of the 30th Anniversary Calendar? January features photos submitted by Elizabeth Tannenbaum and Laurie Hackett. Both Specialists share memories of their projects below.

In 2010, Elizabeth Tannenbaum spent two weeks at the border of Haiti and Dominican Republic conducting an English and peacebuilding camp with 40 teenagers from both countries.

Haiti/Dominican Republic, 2010
(Specialist: Elizabeth Tannenbaum / Photographer: Guy Renaud)

 “As a Specialist, I worked as an English teacher and program planner with teen-age students, half from Haiti who spoke Haitian Creole and half from the Dominican Republic who spoke Spanish.  We lived and worked together on the border for two weeks in the camp to improve the students’ English ability and to help them get to know students from the other border country where there are often challenges  among the nationalities. 

In this photo, the group is doing an activity called “Rain”.  The leader moves around the circle making sounds of rain (slow, soft, fast, hard) with her hands and changing the sounds as she moves.  The students follow the leader recreating the rain sounds that change as the leader moves around the circle from person to person.  The purpose of the exercise is to encourage students to work together and to see the results when all listen and participate. In the camp we did a lot of exercises such as this one to help students get to know each other, to improve their English and to have fun. 

With 3 other Specialists, we conducted this camp three times every other year for 6 years with new groups of students.  The Specialists also worked with Haitian and Dominican English teachers in the camp classrooms, helping them improve their teaching skills and learning together about the three cultures.”

In 2020, Laurie Hackett spent two weeks in Tunisia with 46 Libyan teacher trainers, providing English language teaching professional development to 40 Libyan secondary school teacher trainers.

Caption: Libyan educators in Tunisia, 2020 
(Specialist: Laurie Hackett / Photographer, Laurie Hackett)

 “Something that brings a smile to my face when I look at this picture is the memory of what big personalities we had in this group. They were ambitious and fierce, and, not surprisingly, wanted to seize every opportunity to practice their professional English skills in the presence of native speakers. This friendly competitiveness to outperform each other during whole group sharing time presented the perfect excuse to model and unpack Kagan’s Inside Outside Circle strategy, where every participant gets to speak…a lot! It aligned beautifully with our focus on student-centered instruction and active learning, as well as on the facilitation of meaningful oral language practice.”

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In this month’s 30@30 Featured Story, Kay Westerfield shares her contributions to English for workforce development… https://t.co/QoLnIAXnfL

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