For more information about the programs, please contact us at:

English Language Programs
Georgetown University, Center for Intercultural Education and Development
3300 Whitehaven St. NW, Ste. 1000
Washington, DC 20007

fellow@elprograms.org or specialist@elprograms.org

English Language Programs staff

Magda Potocka – Program Director

Toni Hull – Associate Director

Maggie Steingraeber – Manager, Outreach

Rebecca Copeland – Program Coordinator, Outreach

Kristina Lykke – Program Coordinator, Outreach

Lauren Whitaker – Program Coordinator, Outreach

Dave Woods – Program Coordinator, Outreach

Terrell Hawkins – Administrative Officer, Outreach

Abigail Bruhlmann – Manager, Specialist Recruitment

Alex Yalch – Manager, Implementation

Rachel Coyne – Program Coordinator, Implementation

Fiona Donovan – Program Coordinator, Implementation

Lauren Gore – Program Coordinator, Implementation

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English Language Fellow Trevor Safford worked with the Noor Women's Empowerment Group in Bir Zeit to add an English… https://t.co/rEnVRU4R04

14 hours ago