Alix Slayton

The English Language Fellow Program is “an opportunity to serve your country as a cultural ambassador and foster understanding and mutual respect between cultures. It’s also an opportunity to expand your horizons, strengthen your skills as a TESOL expert, and develop yourself and your students into responsible global citizens. I am a better teacher, professional,…

Kimberly Thomas

"My time as a Fellow at Mzuzu University in Northern Malawi taught me the importance of being kind; that people and their lived experiences are more important than getting my points across; and that true learning does not require 'fancy' or expensive equipment or materials—only the desire of individuals who really want to learn and…

Maggie Espino

"I'm happy that I learned and loved so much in a place that is so completely different from anywhere I'd ever been before. It was a time of tremendous growth, and I'll always treasure my fellowship in Bangladesh."

Brad Tipka

The English Language Fellow Program "has helped me understand the diverse communities that I continue to work with in Minnesota. It also propelled me into school leadership and helped me realize my leadership potential."

Franny Le Grand

"My work as a Fellow has been a foundation of my career as an English teacher, adviser, and teacher trainer. It has hearkened back to my Peace Corps days, inspired current students, and encouraged new teachers to go abroad. It is an important part of who I am and what I represent as an educator."

Erika Weber

Erika describes her fellowship as “world-expanding. My fellowship expanded my world with language, professional contacts, skills, new relationships, new travel experiences, and a new confidence to take on larger professional tasks that help my community in Philadelphia.”

Cerise Santoro

Cerise’s fellowship in the Philippines “increased my gratitude. I am thankful for the smallest gestures. I do not take anything for granted personally or professionally. I learned this from the culture of my host country.”

Caralyn Bushey

The English Language Fellow Program is "the opportunity of a lifetime. Every professional success I have achieved since coming back from my fellowship is directly attributable to the time I spent as a Fellow."

Abigail Williamson

"The fellowship exposed me to the world of policy for the first time, and I was really drawn to it. I may never have had that type of access to the decision-makers here in the U.S., and I credit the fellowship for pushing my career in a new direction.”

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#tb to memories from #Armenia! Barbara Stoff was an #ELFellow in Armenia from 2012 to 2013. The artwork above, “Arm…

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