Frequently Asked Questions

We know you probably have questions, and we hear some of the same questions from a lot of our applicants, participants, and alumni. We’ve listed the most commonly asked questions below. For current Fellows, we encourage you to review the Terms and Conditions of your Fellowship Agreement and the Fellow Policy Handbook (click here to download). If your questions aren’t answered below, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to talk to you. Eligibility Application Application References Selection Fellowship Acceptance Pre-Departure Orientation Preparations for Fellowship Fellowship Travel Fellowship Benefits Dependents and Accompanying Persons On Assignment Safety and Security Post-Fellowship Return-to-Program Policy  


To review the full list of eligibility requirements, please click here.
Do Fellows have to be U.S. citizens?
Can I have dual citizenship?
Are applicants required to have a master's degree in TEFL/TESL?
I will not receive my degree by June 1 or the end of my institution's spring semester, can I still apply?
Why do you require a minimum of two years TESOL experience?
Why is it necessary that Fellows be flexible and adaptable?
Do you have an age limit?
Does the English Language Fellow Program require or provide any type of foreign language training?

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To view detailed application instructions, please click here.
When is the deadline to apply?
How soon after applying will I hear about my application status?
When will I hear if I've been selected for a fellowship?
Can applicants choose to apply to a specific country, region, or project?
I started or submitted an application for a previous cycle. Can I access my information and resubmit my application?
My institution doesn't provide electronic transcripts. How do I upload my transcript?
I haven't graduated from my master's program yet. Do I still have to submit my graduate transcript?
Do I need to submit all of my transcripts?
Do I need to submit any documentation regarding my TESOL certificate or K-12 license/endorsement?

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Application References

If I applied before to the program, and would like to use the same references, will they be contacted again?
How and when will my references be contacted?
Can I use letters of reference from another job?
Do my references have to submit answers to the questionnaire before November 30?

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I have submitted my application. What are the next steps?
How does the selection process work?
Will I be placed on multiple rosters?
If selected, can I defer my acceptance?

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Fellowship Acceptance

I have accepted a fellowship. What are the next steps?
When will I receive my contract?
I have submitted all the required fellowship paperwork. What should I do next?
How do I get in touch with my host institution?

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Pre-Departure Orientation

Am I required to attend the pre-departure orientation?
Does the program cover costs associated with the pre-departure orientation?
Will I have time while in Washington, DC, to obtain a visa for my country of assignment?
Can friends or family accompany me to the pre-departure orientation?

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Preparations for Fellowship

What vaccinations do Fellows need?
Do Fellows need a visa?
Who should I contact with questions related to my fellowship project and host country?
Do I need to locate housing in my host country?

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Fellowship Travel

How are travel arrangements handled?
May I make special requests for my international flight to/from my fellowship location?
What do I need to do before my outbound airline ticket is issued?
Can my pet travel with me?
How and when will my return-trip airline ticket be arranged?

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Fellowship Benefits

When will I receive my first payment?
Do I have to have a U.S. bank account and checks?
Do Fellows pay taxes?
Do Fellows receive health insurance?
What is program activities allowance (PAA) and how can I use it?

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Dependents and Accompanying Persons

Can I bring someone with me?
What type of support does the English Language Fellow Program offer accompanying persons?
What if I decide to take one or more accompanying persons with me on the fellowship?
I’d like my minor child to travel with me. Is this possible?
Is housing that will accommodate a family provided during my fellowship?
Does the accompanying person need to be a U.S. citizen?

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On Assignment

What is my employment status while on assignment?
Can I undertake other work, either paid or unpaid, while I’m on assignment?
My contact from the U.S. Embassy has not responded to my communication. What should I do?
Is it possible to extend a Fellowship?
Will I have any time off during my fellowship?
Do I need to submit reports as part of my fellowship?
What is the Community of Practice and what role does it play in my fellowship?
I have a blog or website. Are there any restrictions on what I post to it regarding and during my assignment?
I’ve developed some materials and works while I’ve been on assignment. Do I own the copyright?
What happens if I leave my assignment early?
Are there any reasons that a Fellow or assignment might be terminated?
Will I receive the rest of my stipend if my fellowship is terminated?

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Safety and Security

How are security issues addressed?
What support is provided in country?
What if there is a personal emergency back home and I have to leave quickly?
What happens if there is a political crisis and I need to be evacuated?
What happens if I have an accident or I become too ill to stay on assignment?

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My fellowship has ended but I want to remain in my country of assignment. Is this possible?
Am I still covered by ASPE if I stay longer in my country of assignment?

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Return-to-Program Policy

Can I reapply to the program again after some time has passed?
Would I be able to choose my assignment?
What do I need to do to reapply?
What questions will my PAS/RELO be asked?

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