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Dr. Andrew Boyer (Dr. Dre) had a long and varied background before becoming an English Language Fellow. He had served in the Marine Corps for 22 years, spent 11 years working at a graduate school of education and school of business on military installations in Japan, and spent time as a Peace Corps Volunteer in both China and Georgia. After having spent so much time abroad he began to see himself as a “mini-ambassador.” When Boyer learned about the English Language Fellow Program, he saw it as a great opportunity to continue to make an impact on a grassroots level, in addition to sharing his ESL experience, expanding his cultural identity, and living and working overseas. 

Boyer was selected for a fellowship in Narva, Estonia, where his primary duties included teaching communication skills to undergraduates, TESOL methodology, and in-service teacher training in TESOL methods. Boyer felt this was a good match as he was able to put into practice bridging the gap between theories in English Language Teaching and its practical application. He was able to accomplish this through instruction in the classroom and his professional workshops throughout Estonia. In addition to his primary duties, Boyer also found himself busy publishing two articles and a book review in professional journals. When looking back on his fellowship, Boyer feels that he was able to accomplish many things: adding to his multi-cultural identity, traveling and interacting in an unfamiliar culture and country, creating new relationships and friendships, and adding to a teaching toolbox that he hopes to use in his post-fellowship work at Defense Language Institute English Language Center. 

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