Carol Foye

"I used my position as a Fellow to break down stereotypes, help teachers and students meet individual goals, and further English-language education in the communities in which I worked."

Alix Slayton

The English Language Fellow Program is “an opportunity to serve your country as a cultural ambassador and foster understanding and mutual respect between cultures. It’s also an opportunity to expand your horizons, strengthen your skills as a TESOL expert, and develop yourself and your students into responsible global citizens. I am a better teacher, professional,…

Kimberly Thomas

"My time as a Fellow at Mzuzu University in Northern Malawi taught me the importance of being kind; that people and their lived experiences are more important than getting my points across; and that true learning does not require 'fancy' or expensive equipment or materials—only the desire of individuals who really want to learn and…

Maggie Espino

"I'm happy that I learned and loved so much in a place that is so completely different from anywhere I'd ever been before. It was a time of tremendous growth, and I'll always treasure my fellowship in Bangladesh."

Brad Tipka

The English Language Fellow Program "has helped me understand the diverse communities that I continue to work with in Minnesota. It also propelled me into school leadership and helped me realize my leadership potential."

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On this #FellowFriday, it’s time for some #poetry! #ELFellow Paula Adams recently led a workshop in #Beijing #China

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