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The English Language Fellow Program is a unique opportunity for U.S. TESOL professionals to live and work overseas on U.S. Embassy-sponsored projects. This year, we are sending 172 Fellows to over 80 countries for a life-changing experience abroad. Fellows are cultural ambassadors that promote English language learning and mutual understanding through cultural exchange. They leave lasting impacts at institutions and communities, both at home and abroad.

Want to know more about the program? Just ask our new cohort of Alumni Ambassadors about what the fellowship means to them. This group of 11 returned Fellows will represent the program  for the 2018-2019 academic year. They were selected based on their distinguished service both in the field as Fellows and back home in their local communities.


The U.S. Department of State English Language Fellow Program relies of this prestigious group of motivated former Fellows to share their program experience with the larger TESOL community. Alumni Ambassadors introduce the program to their professional and personal circles through videos, webinars, interviews, conferences, and other special events. This year’s cohort is of particular eminence as the program celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2019.

Stay connected throughout the year to learn more about this amazing group of alumni.



Current Location

Current Position

Jamila Barton

Jordan 2014-2016

Atlanta, GA

PhD Student

Georgia State University

Nick Taggart

Oman 2012-2013

Dayton, OH

Director, Intensive English Program

University of Dayton

Chris Hastings

China 2013-2015

Russia 2015-2017

Germantown, TN

ESL Coordinator

Southwest Tennessee Community College

Amy Christensen

China 2011-2012

Albuquerque, NM

ESL Instructor

Central New Mexico Community College

Richard Silberg

Cambodia 2015-2016

Berkeley, CA

English Language Development and Drama Teacher

Berkeley Unified School District

Stephanie Hanson

Indonesia 2009-2010

Ecuador 2012-2013

Minneapolis, MN

Teaching Specialist, English Language Program

University of Minnesota

Anne Marie Burk

Kyrgyzstan 2004-2005

Spokane, WA

English Language Specialist

Spencer Salas

Peru 2001-2002

Concord, NC


University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Allegra Troiano

Colombia 2009-2010

Milwaukee, WI

Consultant and Teacher Trainer

Becki Quick

Ethiopia 2009-2010

Eugene, OR

Instructor, American English Institute

University of Oregon

Richard Kahn

Algeria/Morocco 2012-2013

Morocco 2013-2015

Danville, PA


Pennsylvania Leadership Cyber School

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