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Country: Paraguay
City: Asunción

The Asunción metropolitan area has around 2 million inhabitants. Asunción has a tropical savanna climate, characterized by hot summers, warm winters, and humidity year round. Public transportation is used heavily and is served through buses that reach all the regions of the city and surrounding communities. The main long-distance bus terminal is on the Avenida República Argentina and its bus services connect all of the Departments of Paraguay, as well as international routes to nearby countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, and Uruguay.

Host Institution: The Instituto de Formacion Docente (IFD)

Since 2016, the Instituto de Formación Docente (IFD), part of Centro Cultural Paraguayo Americano (CCPA), has offered the Teachers Certification Program (TCP). This program has a duration of 6 semesters and is aimed at people who have completed high school, have a good command of the English language, and wish to embrace a teaching career in English. Students who successfully complete this program will be able to teach English as fully certified teachers in public and private schools. This offers job security given the high demand for professionals in this area.

This program adheres to the principles of 21st century teaching with a strong emphasis on natural learning (Krashen). Both cooperative and humanistic techniques are pillars of the CCPA’s unique interactive methodology. The IFD will soon offer professionalization courses and specialization workshops in the teaching of English as a foreign language and in second language acquisition, addressing topics such as the role of neuroscience in the area of second languages, cooperative learning in the management of classes, and technology applied to the teaching of second languages and the production of digital didactic materials. These programs will be delivered by highly qualified national and foreign professionals.

Primary Duties

  • The Fellow will coordinate with the TCP to formalize a teacher training curriculum for pre-service teacher certification.
  • The Fellow will develop courses for each semester of the training program, with emphasis on incorporating technology and Voice of America and U.S. Department of State American English resources.
  • The Fellow will host weekly professional development workshops and/or presentations for instructors teaching in the TCP in the host city of Asuncion, as well as in Encarnacion, Ciudad del Este, Coronel Oviedo, San Juan, and Pilar, as the TCP expands.
  • The Fellow will provide feedback to the academic coordinators through classroom observations and workshops for English teachers.
  • The Fellow will present workshops on ESL/EFL specialized methodology and teaching techniques in the areas of cooperative learning, humanistic approach, natural learning, and other methodologies, at in-service and pre-service trainings. 

Secondary Duties

The Fellow may be asked to:

  • Assist with the selection of exchange program participants.
  • Conduct special workshops at bilingual and public schools.
  • Engage university students and faculty with a variety of language learning and culture-related activities.
  • Work with the English Access Microscholarship Program coordinator to develop enrichment activities that begin with integrating concepts of U.S. culture, values, and the democratic form of government into plans and goals.

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