Country:  Kyrgyzstan
City: Bishkek

The Kyrgyz Republic is the jewel of Central Asia with incredible natural beauty and a rich history of nomadic peoples. In 1864, Kyrgyzstan was annexed by Russia and gained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. The capital, Bishkek (formerly Frunze), and Osh are the principal cities. The Kyrgyz Republic is a mountainous country with the Tien Shan and Pamir mountain ranges dominating 65% of the country. Kyrgyzstan’s estimated 6,500 distinct glaciers are thought to hold 650 billion cubic meters of water. The alpine regions provide rich pastures for sheep, goats, cattle, horses and yaks. Bishkek has many places for cultural entertainment – the capital has several theaters where performances from Kyrgyz and international performances are staged. Bishkek, with a population of more than 900,000, is both the capital and the largest city of Kyrgyzstan. Picturesque gorges with rapid rivers and snowy peaks are no more than a two-hour drive from the city. Bishkek has a continental climate with dry hot summers. Over the course of a year, the temperature typically varies from 11°F to 92°F and is rarely below -1°F or above 98°F. Bishkek offers a variety of mass transit options including buses, trolley buses, and “marshrutkas” (fixed route mini-buses). There are hundreds of mini-buses that run to all parts of the city. Taxi cabs can be found throughout the city. There is a growing expatriate community, mostly students, teachers, and employees of international organizations and NGOs.

Host Institution: Bishkek Humanities University

Bishkek Humanities University is one of the leading universities in Kyrgyzstan. The university was established in 1979. There are nine faculties at the University with more than 15,000 students enrolled. The faculty of European Civilization trains teachers and interpreters. Teachers of this university together with the English teachers’ association, FORUM, organize and conduct trainings and workshops for secondary school teachers from remote regions. Wi Fi is available at the university. The university is located just 7 minutes by car from the embassy.

Primary Duties

  • The Fellow will teach ELT methodology for third and fourth year students.
  • The Fellow will teach writing for third year students.
  • The Fellow will provide workshops for the University’s English Language Department and share new and effective methods of teaching English with the teachers, while also supporting the design of a new syllabus on methodology.

Secondary Duties

The Fellow may be asked to:

  • Support U.S. Embassy American Corner activities through the following programs: TOEFL sessions for graduate students, Talking Club for English teachers.

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