Country:  Kyrgyzstan
City: Bishkek

The Kyrgyz Republic is the jewel of Central Asia with incredible natural beauty and a rich history of nomadic peoples. In 1864, Kyrgyzstan was annexed by Russia and gained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. The capital, Bishkek (formerly Frunze), and Osh are the principal cities. The Kyrgyz Republic is a mountainous country with the Tien Shan and Pamir mountain ranges dominating 65% of the country. Kyrgyzstan’s estimated 6,500 distinct glaciers are thought to hold 650 billion cubic meters of water. The alpine regions provide rich pastures for sheep, goats, cattle, horses and yaks. Bishkek has many places for cultural entertainment – the capital has several theaters where performances from Kyrgyz and international performances are staged. Bishkek, with a population of more than 900,000, is both the capital and the largest city of Kyrgyzstan. Picturesque gorges with rapid rivers and snowy peaks are no more than a two-hour drive from the city. Bishkek has a continental climate with dry hot summers. Over the course of a year, the temperature typically varies from 11°F to 92°F and is rarely below -1°F or above 98°F. Bishkek offers a variety of mass transit options including buses, trolley buses, and “marshrutkas” (fixed route mini-buses). There are hundreds of mini-buses that run to all parts of the city. Taxi cabs can be found throughout the city. There is a growing expatriate community, mostly students, teachers, and employees of international organizations and NGOs.

Host Institution: Lingua English Language Foundation

Lingua works closely with the Ministry of Education and Kyrgyz Academy of Education, thus an English Language Fellow would be viewed as an expert advisor. For more than 16 years Lingua initiated and successfully implemented a number of projects in cooperation with both governmental and non-governmental organizations, such as Pilot Schools of American English, the New Generation Textbooks Project, English for Specific Purposes Project for University Teachers, and Regional English Language Teachers’ Conference (CATEC). In 2017, Lingua, on the initiative of the Ministry of Education, organized and conducted intensive trainings for approximately 2000 teachers across the country. Lingua is located in a convenient location downtown and 30 minutes by car from the U.S. Embassy.

Primary Duties

  • The Fellow will do teacher training at the Institute for Teachers’ Professional Development with a focus on how to utilize innovative textbooks and methods of teaching.
  • The Fellow will design a syllabus for pre-service teaching methodology and conduct trainings for university teacher trainers.

Secondary Duties

The Fellow may be asked to:

  • Support the English Access Microscholarship Program teachers in Bishkek, Karakol and Naryn with methodology lessons.
  • Visit Access classes to enhance the level of current activities, including arranging events related to U.S. culture.
  • Provide professional methodology training for both Forum English Language Teachers’ Association teachers in Talas, Naryn and Karakol and Fulbright English Teaching Assistants (ETAs).

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