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Country: Morocco
City: Casablanca

With more than seven million inhabitants, Casablanca is definitely Morocco’s urban powerhouse with busy city streets and a wide variety of neighborhoods across the coastal city. The cosmopolitan city has plenty to offer, including European-style cafes downtown, its own medina (or old city), and a restaurant-lined corniche along the beach. There is plenty of traffic, noise, and pollution in the city to contend with; however, with that comes more entertainment options which might suit the right person. Like any big city, it is also a major transportation hub from which exploring other places in Morocco is relatively easy.

Host Institution: La Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines Ben M’Sik Casablanca

Faculty of Letters Ben M’sik of Hassan II University in Casablanca is a large public university whose English department has more than 1000 students and 16 full-time, permanent faculty members. The Department is proud of its focus on the arts and intercultural appreciation. The University organizes two major international festivals every year, an international theater festival in the summer and a video arts festival in April. There is also a newly formed student alumni association where students from Ben M’sik have taken the initiative to stay networked after they graduate. Many of the professors in the English Department are longtime, active members of the Moroccan Association of Teachers of English (MATE). The English Department houses both applied linguistics and American studies majors. Class sizes may be challenging with up to 100 students in undergraduate classes, but master’s level classes only have about 25 students. All classrooms have a data projector installed in them, and large classes have a microphone and audio system for lectures. The university even boasts WiFi throughout most of the campus, and it is up to the discretion of each instructor whether or not to allow students to use their mobiles for instructional purposes. The department shares a large common office space that has a computer, printer and copier, and the Fellow may also use this space to meet with students if desired. The campus is about 30-40 minutes by taxi from the center of town where the Fellow is likely to live.

Primary Duties

  • The Fellow will teach language and American culture classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the university’s Moroccan-American studies program. American culture classes can include popular culture, politics, history and current issues in the U.S. as they relate to Morocco.
  • The Fellow will likely teach four classes (4 skills and/or linguistics classes depending on the Fellow’s background and experience).
  • The Fellow will also organize and participate in extracurricular activities, such as a debate club, conversation club or similar.
  • The Fellow will assist faculty members with ongoing research or join one of their committees preparing for any of the university’s international conferences.

Secondary Duties

The Fellow may be asked to:

  • Present at English Access Microscholarship Program classes and conduct Access teacher training.
  • Offer presentations and talks at Dar America.
  • Support local activities of the professional association of English teachers.
  • Support extracurricular clubs at the university.

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