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Country: Argentina
City: Córdoba

Córdoba is the 2nd largest city in Argentina strategically located in the middle of the country. Its location makes travel to the main tourist attractions in Argentina and abroad very straightforward. The airport, which is a 30-minute bus ride from downtown, is likely to become an important hub now that low-cost airlines are starting to operate in the country. To enjoy the vibrant natural surroundings, there are many towns, mountains, and rivers in the sierras of Córdoba that can be reached in less than an hour. Córdoba has a friendly atmosphere, and everything is an excuse to be social whether it is a birthday party, going-away party, welcome party, an all-day barbecue, or just sipping mate – a traditional Argentinian drink. Córdoba has an abundance of colonial architecture with plenty of churches and monuments from that period. Manzana Jesuitica (Jesuit Block) is a famous area that features one of the main churches in the city and was the original location of the country’s oldest university which was established in 1613, the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba. In fact, there are only a few universities in the whole continent that rival its age. The 300,000 students studying in Córdoba are catered to by 7 universities with the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba ranking in 22nd place on USA Today’s list of the best universities in Latin America.

Host Institution: IICANA Binational Center in Cordoba

IICANA is an 85-year-old Binational Center (BCN) located in the downtown area of Córdoba. The faculty includes approximately 30 certified EFL teachers that teach approximately 800 students. The Academic Department designs and manages the EFL and American Culture programs at the BNC and oversees the administration of these programs at the more than 10 franchises they have in Córdoba and nearby towns located in the province. The Academic Director and the Academic Secretary, with vast experience in language administration, are both EFL teachers who both graduated from the National University of Cordoba and are alumni of the U.S. Embassy International Visitors Leadership Program. The BNC also functions as a Study USA Center and a public library. The staff work in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and all the classrooms are equipped with high-tech teaching devices such as smart boards or multimedia projectors. In addition, the BNC maintains a very good relationship with the Faculty of Languages at the National University of Cordoba, as well as with the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires. IICANA has hosted at least 3 Fellows in the past several years, with great success for both the institutions and the Fellows.

Primary Duties

  • The Fellow will help to improve TESOL Methods and Techniques in the BNC Academic Department by conducting class observations and providing feedback to the 30 certified EFL teachers.
  • The Fellow will conduct online language programs for teachers using a Virtual Learning Environment that has already been designed.
  • The Fellow will review the current BNC’s assessment program and help the Academic Department to align it to authentic assessment approaches.
  • The Fellow will create and organize language and cultural enhancement activities at the BNC branch in Cordoba city and in other provincial towns, as well as give special talks to advanced students on U.S. cultural themes.
  • The Fellow will design and adapt American Culture digital material to be included in syllabuses.

Secondary Duties

The Fellow may be asked to:

  • Help the Academic Department and the teaching staff to systematize academic writing instruction at every level of their studies. 

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