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Country:  Djibouti
City: Djibouti City

The Republic of Djibouti is a small country located in the Horn of Africa. The Fellow will live and work in the capital, Djibouti City. Djibouti is a country of dry shrub-lands, volcanic formations, and beautiful Gulf of Aden beaches. The climate is warm all year long with a cool season from October to February. Overall, unemployment and poverty rates are high, while literacy rates are low. There is a lot of rewarding work to be done in Djibouti.

Host Institution: Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education oversees all pre-university education as well as vocational training throughout the country. Relevant sections within the Ministry include Pedagogical Advisors, the Teachers’ Training Institute, and the Center for Research, Information, and Production of the Ministry of National Education. These three offices are responsible for guaranteeing and improving the quality of education in Djibouti.

Primary Duties

The Fellow will support the Ministry of Education by:

  • Training local Djiboutian English teachers in best teaching practices and English teaching techniques.
  • Work with the Djiboutian textbook authority, CRIPEN, to review and edit new English textbooks and curriculum to be more culturally relevant.
  • Travel to public schools to assess teaching techniques in English classes and create professional development seminars based on assessment needs.

Secondary Duties

The Fellow may be asked to:

  • Collaborate on American Corner English program activities
  • Assist IRC director in implementing English programs
  • Outreach to teachers and students outside of the capital city
  • Help restart and organize the Djibouti Teachers Association

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