Country:  Tajikistan
City: Dushanbe

Built mostly in the 1920s, Dushanbe is a relatively small, well-planned city that is laid out in a grid. Now a city of 778,000, Dushanbe’s central area retains the atmosphere envisioned by the original city planners; it features wide, tree-lined streets and low-rise apartment houses. However, new construction projects are quickly changing the city’s landscape. The focal point for development is a manicured central park dominated by a vast new museum and the world’s tallest flagpole. Around its edges, the city still has plenty of Brezhnev-era apartment blocks.

Rudaki Avenue connects the city north to south and Somoni Avenue runs east to west. Visitors who walk the length of Rudaki Avenue will see almost everything the city has to offer. Traffic has increased in recent years, as has the number of pedestrians. Because of the trees, walking or bicycle riding can be fairly pleasant much of the year, though the experience is complicated by dangerous, erratic drivers.

Host Institution: University of Central Asia (UCA), Dushanbe – School of Continuing Education (SPCE)

Founded in 2000, the University of Central Asia (UCA) in Dushanbe is part of a network of institutions that includes learning facilities in Khorog (Tajikistan), Naryn and Bishkek (the Kyrgyz Republic), and Tekeli and Taldykorgan (Kazakhstan). The School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) offers a variety of certificate programs on topics such as English for business (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Board), accounting (Certified Accountant Practitioner and Certification for International Professional Accountants), information technology (Microsoft IT Academy, International Computer Driving License), mountain tour operations, and economic and community development. UCA offers the smallest student to faculty ratio in Central Asia (9:1). The UCA-Dushanbe branch has about 28 English Language teachers providing instruction from beginner to advanced levels.

Primary Duties

  • The Fellow will co-teach English language classes with UCA-Dushanbe SPCE instructors; the team approach will include the Fellow doing a combination of direct instruction, lesson observations, and lesson evaluations with feedback and reflection opportunities.
  • The Fellow will conduct weekly ELT training sessions for UCA teachers.

Secondary Duties

The Fellow may be asked to:

  • Support the English Teaching Mentor (ETM) program by preparing mentors to become local specialists that can provide intensive ELT courses for secondary and post-secondary teachers
  • Support the Dushanbe American Corner by facilitating language learning and culture-related activities (debate club, discussion groups, etc.)

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