Country: Turkey
City:  Eskisehir

Turkey seems to defy easy categorization. It has the feel of Europe, the excitement of other Mediterranean countries, a cuisine that straddles the east and west, and a faith that looks eastward. It is unique in many other ways, which may be why so many Fellows have requested a second year. While news in the last few years may have dampened the west’s enthusiasm for Turkey as a touristic destination, visitors continue to arrive in increased numbers since the events of July 2016, ex-pats thrive professionally and academically, and schools and universities continue to search for new ways to improve ELT in their institutions. While high-level political ties with the U.S. are strained, Turkish hospitality continues to thrive, and Turks on the street are eager to learn what more can be done to improve relations.


About 1.5 hours from Ankara by fast train, Eskisehir is considered Turkey’s quintessential college town. It hosts one other large public university, Osman Gazi U, as well as a vibrant social and cultural life aimed at the large student population. The hub of the city, the breezy pedestrian ways lining the Porsuk River, is filled with cafes and restaurants from which to watch boaters and gondoliers

Host Institution: Anadolu University

Anadolu’s ELT Department is one of Turkey’s oldest and has long been a mecca for recently returned Turkish graduates from the UK and the U.S. Nonetheless, due to its smaller size, it rarely attracts native speakers. The university has been an outstanding host to Fellows in the past, ensuring that the course load and kinds of courses custom fits the area in which the Fellow feels most comfortable. The department also has an ongoing in-service program as well as good contact with the university’s prep program.

Primary Duties

  • The Fellow will primarily be responsible for preparing students to become effective English language instructors, teaching courses ranging from direct language instruction in the first year to higher level methodology and linguistics-related courses in the final two years of the students’ four-year program.
  • The Fellow will take part in in-service opportunities, as well as play an active role in sharing best practices – through informal discussions, observations and feedback sessions, or workshops – with other instructors.
  • The Fellow will help organize American English webinars and MOOCs as part of pre- and in-service professional development.

Secondary Duties

The Fellow may be asked to:

  • Provide outreach to ELT faculties and university prep programs in and around Eskisehir. These will consist primarily of presentations to pre-service students that focus on life-long learning and professional development, with an emphasis on resources and programs both inside Turkey as well as through the Office of English Language Programs
  • Provide outreach to schools identified by the Ministry of Education for in-service professional development to support either teachers in middle schools that are piloting an English immersion 5th grade year, or teachers in vocational high schools focusing on supporting the tourism industry
  • Provide outreach and collaborate with Access programs to share best practices with area public schools. Additional workshops could include one or two for parents about supporting their child (simultaneously translated) as well as prep for local off-site overnight immersion experiences.

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