Country: Ukraine
City: Mykolaiv 

Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Eastern Europe, and it is known for its Orthodox churches, Black Sea coastline, and Carpathian mountains. Ukraine has a mostly temperate climate. The environment in Ukraine today (excluding the Donbas and Crimea) is generally stable and safe, and people have a welcoming attitude towards Americans.

Mykolaiv is a city in southern Ukraine, the administrative center of the Mykolaiv Oblast. Mykolayiv used to be the center of shipbuilding at the Black Sea and also the center of the Black Sea Fleet. The downtown area is located on the peninsula made by the Southern Bug and Ingul rivers estuary. The Black Sea navy headquarters were located in Mykolayiv for more than 100 years until they moved to Sevastopol. Today it is a modern developing city with many universities, libraries, museums, theatres, parks, and cultural sites. Learning English is popular in Mykolayiv. Public libraries run English speaking clubs where native speakers are invited to host the sessions. Being a multicultural city, Mykolayiv offers a peaceful coexistence for locals and visitors alike. Ukrainian is spoken at universities and official places. Russian is also spoken between many people. The city is safe and easy to navigate by well-developed public transportation and taxis. There is access to various amenities and a wide range of restaurants. Excellent food markets and festivals of street food have become a local tradition.

Host Institution: Mykolayiv Sukhomlynsky National University

Founded in 1913, Mykolayiv Sukhomlynsky National University (MSNU) has prepared approximately 60,000 specialists, outstanding scientists, successful managers in public administrations, and civic activists to date. Around 5,000 students study at nine departments of the University. Educational and research work is carried out by 300 lecturers and instructors. English is an essential part of the training program at every department of the University and is studied by students of all departments. The students learn English for four years. The University has been successfully cooperating with Mykolayiv Regional In-Service Teacher Training Institute and offers workshops and training courses for secondary school teachers of the city. As a center of educational, academic and cultural community, the University keeps in touch with local and national NGOs, public libraries, cultural centers and other educational establishments.

Primary Duties

  • The Fellow will teach Advanced Speaking courses with an emphasis on communicative activities to enhance students’ critical thinking skills by way of formal discussions, oral presentations, and debates in the classroom.
  • The Fellow will teach the basics of Academic Writing to undergraduate and post-graduate students in the Foreign Languages Department, to help students learn how to write short academic texts effectively, as well as to improve their grammar and vocabulary.
  • The Fellow will conduct seminars on effective teaching techniques and use of authentic materials and web resources for faculty members of the university.
  • The Fellow will do outreach to other universities, pedagogical institutes and secondary schools in Mykolayiv and the region.

Secondary Duties

The Fellow may be asked to:

  • Be involved in the English Access Microscholarship Program in Mykolaiv by conducting training to the Access teachers to help them expand the American cultural component and use communicative English teaching methods.
  • Observe the ACCESS program lessons and participate in students’ enhancement activities and discussions on U.S. culture and life.
  • Work informally with students of the university’s English Conversation Club and Film Club and participate in outreach events at the Window on America Center (American Corner) at the city library to talk about different aspects of American life and culture.
  • Participate in RELO/Post designated outreach projects and activities such as AE Webinars and MOOCs, as well as travel to other cities to provide professional development opportunities 

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