Country: Peru
City: Lima

Lima is considered to have the best dining in all Latin America, with several restaurants among the top ten on various world rankings. As a coastal capital with a mild climate year round, a stable economy, and access to beaches, hills, and further afield, the jungle, Lima is a fun place to live, with a variety of cultural activities. The biggest typical complaint is traffic – drivers are very aggressive and there’s a high rate of accidents for pedestrians. Fellows need to stay vigilant when crossing and assume that drivers have no regard for them/pedestrians. Once you get used to that, it fades into the background. Cities visited outside Lima vary considerably, from high altitude and cold, to deep in the hot and humid jungle. Moving between climates might be challenging.

Host Institution: Network of Binational Centers

Peru’s binational centers were founded 80 years ago as “cultural branches” of the U.S. Embassy to promote understanding of U.S. culture and values. Today binational centers in Peru are autonomous, self-sustained English-teaching institutions and cultural centers that work in partnership with the U.S. Embassy as American Spaces to advance Embassy priorities through cultural and educational initiatives. The Public Affairs Section works with the BNCs to implement English, alumni, and educational advising programs. Although BNCs are leaders in their communities, they need to seek ways of strengthening their network thus increasing their competitive edge over other English-teaching facilities and adding value to their students’ and teachers’ experience: a Fellow will have a tremendous impact on this and their community outreach. BNCs have been selected by the Ministry of Education to implement and carry out some of their English language teaching and training programs and scholarships, supporting the Peruvian government to achieve its goal of becoming a bilingual country in English 2021. The Fellow’s actual space is in the Fulbright Commission (the official host for the purpose of visa support and project flexibility).

Primary Duties

  • The Fellow will conduct teacher trainings for the Network of Binational Centers involving TESOL methods and techniques, materials development, instructional technology (CALL) to BNC teachers and teacher trainers and other RELO key contacts. 

Secondary Duties

The Fellow may be asked to:

  • Support BNC outreach and propose innovative ways to add value to the BNC student experience and draw in new audiences, with a special emphasis on incorporating/using American cultural themes.
  • Play a role in Embassy programming such as the English for Afro-Peruvian Young Leaders programs, and education, alumni and cultural gatherings, webinars, etc.

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