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Country: Bahrain
City: Manama

Bahrain is the most open of GCC countries and was voted best country for expatriates. Full educational, recreational and commercial facilities are available. A Fellow will need to rent a car for the nine months he/she is in Bahrain. There is public transport, but it takes a long time to get from location to location. Bahrain is modern and has just about everything a Fellow could want, including Western restaurants, shopping malls, and interesting night life. Bahrain is an island and after a few months it may feel a little small, so Fellows should plan to get out at least once during the 10 months.

Host Institution: Bahrain Teachers College

The Bahrain Teachers College (BTC), a college of the University of Bahrain, was established in 2008 by the Ministry of Education (MOE) with the mandate of preparing teachers, educational administrators, and other education specialists. In 2005, in line with its Educational Reform, the MOE requested the National Institute of Education (NIE) of the Nanyan Technological University of Singapore design and develop appropriate teacher education programs for the kingdom of Bahrain.

The teacher education programs designed by the NIE for implementation at the BTC emphasize the principles of holistic development of teacher candidates, purpose-driven programs, the theory-practice link, reflective communities of practice, partnerships, benchmarking beginning teacher standards, authentic and formative assessment, and advancement of the teaching profession. These principles have thus become the backbone of BTC’s operations.

Primary Duties

  • The Fellow will liaise between classroom English/Education Studies teachers and the academic support program team (Student Academic Services/SAS). There is currently no structure for indicating which classroom language objectives are the most difficult for learners, i.e. the ones that need scaffolding and language support by SAS staff. The Fellow would be asked to assist the instructor in pinpointing the areas of difficulty.
  • The Fellow will assist the SAS staff in the design of support activities that target the specific language problem.
  • The Fellow will enhance/create English language support courses and/or activities for Foundation and Year One students.
  • The Fellow will assist SAS in developing programs that target deficiencies identified in the diagnostic entry exam given to matriculating Foundation Year students.
  • The Fellow will collaborate with SAS to develop an appropriate remediation program once a pattern of error type is identified. By collaborating on an analytical matrix that could be used in subsequent years, the Fellow is both training SAS staff and developing a procedure. 

Secondary Duties

The Fellow may be asked to:

  • Train and review work of peer tutors to work in the writing center and/or within SAS support programs.
  • Train SAS (and other) staff how to develop a peer tutoring system and establish a system of peer tutoring.
  • Set a renewable pattern of student support within the SAS frame work.

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