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Country: Belarus
City: Minsk

Minsk is the capital of Belarus with a population of 2 million people. It is a progressive, modern and clean city. Universities, theaters, art galleries, cafes and restaurants have taken up residence in the city center. Local public transportation is very well developed and is praised by all visitors. With a strong police presence and law-abiding citizenry, Minsk is a safe city with relatively little crime. Weather patterns are somewhat unstable, meaning that the weather tends to change often. Most winds are westerly and northwesterly, bringing cool and moist air from the Atlantic.

Host Institution: Minsk State Linguistic University

Minsk State Linguistic University (MSLU) is a recognized leader in the field of linguistic education in Belarus. Established in 1948, MSLU provides professional training in 22 languages, including English, German, French, and other Western, Eastern European and Oriental languages. There are eight major schools, the largest of which is the School of English. MSLU offers academic majors in interpreting and translation, teaching, communication services, public relations, international economic relations, and international tourism. The University is a coordinating center for teaching activities and scholarly research carried out by foreign language departments in fifteen higher educational institutions and seven teacher training colleges in the Republic of Belarus.

Primary Duties

  • The Fellow will teach English (speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar), U.S. education, U.S. values and culture, cross-cultural communication, and Teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP) to in-service teachers that take professional development courses at the university, as well as to groups of professionals at the retraining course.
  • The Fellow will also deliver monthly workshops to university instructors of English on American English, covering its usage and trends.
  • The Fellow will also be a guest teacher at the Intensive English Department, teaching groups of adults taking intensive English part-time.

Secondary Duties

The Fellow may be asked to:

  • Participate in various outreach programs, including giving presentations at InfoUSA Centers, mentoring ETAs, participation in AE webinars, classroom visits, and outreach to students by facilitating MOOCs or clubs.
  • Contribute to the Belarusian English Language Teachers’ Association by participating in their conferences, seminars and other professional development events.
  • Provide textbook development and editing, English-related extra-curricular activities, and curriculum and material design for various levels.

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