Country: Indonesia
City: Palangkaraya

Indonesia is a developing country in southeast Asia and is home to hundreds of ethnic groups who speak many different languages. It is the world’s 4th most populous country and has the largest Muslim population in the world. Palangkaraya, the capital city of Central Kalimantan provinces, has a tropical climate. It is situated in the Kalimantan Island (Borneo). The city has many amenities including an airport, universities, schools, public transportation, banks, hospitals, malls, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. It takes about two hours to fly from Palangkaraya to Jakarta – the capital city of Indonesia, where the U.S. Embassy is located.

Host Institution: IAIN Palangkaraya

IAIN Palangkaraya is a state Islamic university that is supervised by the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs. The university has 24 departments spread across four faculties including the Education Department, which houses the English Education Program Study for pre-service English teachers. IAIN Palangkaraya has a good relationship with the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta and has participated in some of the U.S. Embassy programs including the SMILE Project, the English training program for state Islamic universities in Indonesia.

Primary Duties

  • The Fellow will support the English Education Department by teaching classes and providing professional development for faculty. 

Secondary Duties

The Fellow may be asked to:

  • Take the lead on major education projects such as Access camps, teacher workshops and conferences.
  • Conduct programming at the American Corners in the region and throughout the country (2-3 times per fellowship).
  • Visit and present to Access programs throughout Indonesia (1-2 times per fellowship).
  • Support the Embassy’s efforts to increase the number of Indonesians studying in the U.S. by giving workshops and presentations on study-abroad opportunities and TOEFL (1-2 times per fellowship). 

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