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Country: Mexico
City: San Jose Chiapa

Mexico is a vibrant and diverse country, famous for its traditions, music, gastronomy, and resorts. Its geography and climate are as diverse as its peoples and languages; besides Spanish, there are 68 linguistic groups with over 350 varieties of indigenous languages spoken.

The host institution is located within a new urban center known as the Model City near the Audi plant, San Jose Chiapa and Rafael Lara Grajales. The Model City is expected to grow rapidly and boast the second largest population in the state by 2050. It is located north-east of Puebla City, about an hour by car. This Model City will provide housing projects, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and government offices in order to offer inhabitants all kinds of services without having to commute all the way to the city of Puebla. The Model City is designed to boost the economy of the region and decentralize the economic activity. Buses to and from Puebla City run several times a day. The Fellow will live in Rafael Lara Grajales, about 10 minutes away and connected by bus service. There is a supermarket and many convenience stores, both chain and family-owned. There are no malls, museums, theaters, or cinemas. This is an ideal placement for people who like quiet and the outdoors.

Host Institution: Universidad Tecnologica BIS Puebla

The Technological University of Puebla is a recently created institution; it opened its doors in 2016. It is part of the new Bilingual, International, Sustainable (BIS) educational model launched by the Mexican government in 2012. There are currently about 20 BIS universities where students are expected to improve their English skills steadily so that in about eighteen months’ time they can be taking content area classes fully in English. Most students will graduate with an Associate’s Degree after two years, but the option is open to pursue an undergraduate degree by studying two more years. The university serves a community of around 400 students, some of which are of indigenous descent, and offers majors in industrial processes for the automotive industry, IT, and mechatronics. Students come from public schools and usually lack critical thinking skills as well as academic writing skills and effective study habits.

Primary Duties

  • The Fellow will direct language instruction to mixed-ability classes of college students in the 4 skills, grammar, and vocabulary.
  • The Fellow will conduct professional development opportunities for faculty involving Content-based Instruction, TESOL Methods and Techniques, and English for Specific Purposes (ESP).
  • The Fellow will provide consulting for materials development, and syllabus design for administrators and faculty.

Secondary Duties

The Fellow may be asked to:

  • Lead relevant extra-curricular activities involving American culture, studies, and/or literature, as well as organize relevant cultural events.
  • Interact with the local English Access Microscholarship program covering American Culture, Studies, and/or Literature.

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