Country: Argentina
City: San Miguel de Tucuman

San Miguel de Tucuman is the capital city of the province of Tucuman. It has a population of around one million people and it is located in the northwest of Argentina. It is the fifth largest city in the country of Argentina, and the commercial center of an area that produces large quantities of sugarcane, rice, tobacco, and fruit — thus giving the city its nickname, the ‘Garden of the Republic’. It has very hot and rainy summers and dry cold winters. Tucuman is very green. You can find all kinds of entertainment in Tucuman: theaters, restaurants, cinemas, museums, etc. Hiking, cycling, and trekking in the mountains are very popular sports, along with football and rugby. The distance from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is approximately 1,300 kilometers (815 miles). Tucuman is easily accessible by bus and air. The streets are not always safe, but in general downtown, where the host institution is located, is safe and relaxed. Avoid calling attention to yourself such as wearing jewelry or carrying high-tech equipment (i.e. laptops, cell phones) in the open. The people are very friendly and warm. They love to chat and have a cup of coffee in the cafes.

Host Institution: ATICANA Binational Center in Tucuman

ATICANA Binational Center (BNC) in Tucuman was founded in 1956. It has a long tradition as a BNC. The student population is made of children, adolescents and adults. The annual enrollment varies between 700-800 students. ATICANA is open Monday thru Friday from 8:15 AM to 12:30 PM and from 2:15 PM to 10:15 PM. Occasionally, it opens on Saturday for special events or courses. In 2017, ATICANA joined the English Access Microscholarship Program (Access). There are 25 certified EFL teachers, graduated mainly from the English Language Program of the National University of Tucuman. ATICANA is also a regional test center for U.S. university admission exams, such as the TOEFL examination. It also administers the ECCE (CAMLA) Examination and the CELT. ATICANA shares a strong partnership with the U.S. Embassy, located in Buenos Aires. At present, ATICANA is remodeling their library via a grant received from the American Space Office, U.S. Department of State. It has a multi-media room with capacity for 40-50 people, equipped with multi-media and technology resources. The Fellow can use the BNC premises for workshop trainings on ELT methodology for ATICANA teachers and EFL teachers from the community as well as for U.S. cultural presentations for BNC staff and students, ACCESS students, and other interested audiences.

Primary Duties

  • The Fellow will help improve the quality of American English teaching techniques through class and faculty observations, leading faculty discussions that focus on strength-based approaches to teaching, and engage faculty on proactive hands-on approaches to addressing difficulties in the classroom followed by individual feedback.
  • The Fellow will work along with ATICANA’s Academic Director and Tucuman’s Minister of Education to provide professional development seminars to English language teachers from throughout Tucuman’s city public schools.
  • The Fellow will make presentations to the teaching staff, BNC students and audience members from the community on topics related to American culture, studies, and/or literature by way of scholarly colloquiums and American English conversational clubs.

Secondary Duties

The Fellow may be asked to:

  • Conduct English language learning and American culture events (book clubs, conversation clubs, movie events, community service projects, etc.) for staff, local teachers, BNC students, and interested community members.
  • Assist with language learning and culture-related activities for Access students.
  • Support and present at a free annual TEFL training event that is open to all public school teachers in the province; participate as a speaker at other events or conferences coordinated by the Regional English Language Office (RELO) or the U.S. Embassy.

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