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Specialist Program

What will you receive?

English Language Specialists serve a valuable role in U.S. Embassy programs and in achieving U.S. Department of State diplomatic goals. Because of the important part they play, English Language Specialists receive a generous benefits package.

For projects with an in-country component, benefits include:

  • Stipend of $250 per day
  • Allowance to cover in-country costs of living, including meals, lodging, and local transportation
  • International economy class round-trip airfare
  • Supplemental health benefit plan

For projects with a virtual component, benefits include:

  • Stipend of $50 per hour

Because every Specialist project is different, the benefits are likely to be adjusted for each Specialist and each project. For current and complete compensation information, please contact specialist@elprograms.org.

There are many other professional benefits to becoming a Specialist.  For more information on the kind of work our Specialists do, click here.

Tax information

English Language Specialists are neither employees of the U.S. Department of State nor are they employees of the cooperating agency. All Specialists, in the cooperating agency’s financial records, are listed as vendors, or independent contractors.

Specialists are required to complete and submit to the cooperating agency a W-9 form. The cooperating agency will send each Specialist a 1099 Miscellaneous Income form that reports all funds paid through the English Language Specialist Program, with the exception of the program activities allowance. The cooperating agency does not withhold any money from English Language Specialist payments. At no time will money for taxes, social security, insurance, etc. be withheld from a payment. The cooperating agency does not provide tax advice or instruction. Specialists are encouraged to contact the IRS or a tax professional with specific tax questions.

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