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Specialist Program

What is the review and selection process?

The English Language Specialist program is a highly competitive program for experienced English language teaching (ELT) scholars and professionals. Every year we receive more applications from highly qualified candidates than it is possible to accommodate. The English language Specialist program supports between 150-200 in-country and virtual Specialist projects each year.

Applications for the English Language Specialist Program are accepted year round and reviewed on a rolling basis in the order they are submitted. When submitting an application, you are applying to be included in the available applicant pool for all available projects (in-country, virtual, or mixed). Being in the applicant pool does not guarantee that you will be matched to, or selected for, a future project, and applicants are not considered a Specialist until they have completed a project.

Specialist projects are developed by U.S. Embassies worldwide with requests for specialized experience in areas such as: curriculum design, needs assessment and high-level educational consultations, teacher and trainer training, English for Specific Purposes, and other areas in the ELT field. These requests for short-term assignments are submitted and filled on a rolling, on-demand basis throughout the year. Specialist project requests are typically received three months prior to the project start dates. As each Specialist project is unique and has different required Specialist qualifications, it is not possible to anticipate if, or when, an applicant might be contacted regarding a project.

If your skillset is matched to the specific needs and qualifications of a project, you may be contacted to verify your availability for, and interest in, the project. At that time, the U.S. Embassy will review your qualifications along with a roster of other qualified candidates. If selected by the Embassy, you will receive further information on next steps. Should you choose not to accept a Specialist project, your application will be returned to the applicant pool for consideration should another Specialist project matching your qualifications become available. We encourage you to update your application semi-annually to ensure you are considered for projects that match your qualifications and availability.

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