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Specialist Program

What are the benefits?

English Language Specialists receive a comprehensive compensation package including:

  • Honorarium of $250 per day on assignment
  • Allowance to cover in-country costs of living, including meals and incidentals, lodging, and domestic transport
  • International round-trip airfare
  • Health Benefit Plan

How long are the assignments?

Assignment lengths vary from project to project and may be between 10 working days and three months in duration. The recent average length of Specialist projects is approximately three weeks.

I only have an MA degree, does that mean I am eligible?

Please click here for the minimum eligibility requirements.

The English Language Specialist Program is a highly competitive program. Each project has specific requirements, both in terms of certifications and experience, that may exceed the minimum program requirements.

What are some of the projects you have?

Each program is unique and based on the needs of the host country. Examples of previous English Language Specialist projects include:

  • Developing a national textbook in Uzbekistan with the Ministry of Education
  • Consulting on the development and validation the Vietnam Standardized Test of English Proficiency
  • Establishing a consortium of writing centers in Russia
  • Training teachers in instructional technology and materials development in Venezuela
  • Developing and publishing teacher training materials for English Access Microscholarship Program teachers in South Africa
  • Developing a TESOL certificate course in Egypt
  • Developing and facilitating a TESOL methodology course for trainers of teachers in Afghanistan

After acceptance into the pool of available applicants, when can I expect to go on assignment?

The English Language Specialist Program supports an average of 130 Specialist projects each year. U.S. Embassies submit English Language Specialist Program proposals on a rolling basis and these projects are filled on demand. Each project is unique and has specific requirements in terms of candidate experience, expertise, and certifications. As a result, many highly-qualified candidates may not be requested for projects due to the specific nature of each project or the requested timeframe. We strongly encourage you to regularly update your areas of expertise, CV, and availability to ensure you are considered for appropriate projects.

Will I be an employee of the U.S. Department of State?

English Language Specialists are not employees of the U.S. Government or the cooperating agency that administers the grant. They are considered grantees and, for tax purposes, independent contractors.

How often can I be considered for a Specialist project?

The English Language Specialist Program strongly encourages the participation of new Specialist candidates. As of January 2020, Specialists will be eligible for one project per calendar year. That is 1-1-1: one Specialist – one project – one calendar year. For this new policy, multi-phase and multi-country projects will count as one project.

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