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30th Anniversary

Wish the English Language Specialist Program a Happy 30th Anniversary and Share It on Social Media!

During the past 30 years, thousands have benefited from the English Language Specialist Program and now you have a unique chance to wish the program a Happy 30th Anniversary!

And it couldn’t be easier to do!

  1. Click here (but first read steps 2-6).
  2. Option 1: 
    1. Choose Photo, GIF, or Boomerang. You can take a picture on your device or use a photo you have of a Specialist experience.
    2. Email the framed image to yourself. 
    3. Post the framed image on social media with a few lines about your Specialist project or about Specialists you’ve known, and add the hashtag #elspecialist30.  And include the link so your social media friends can participate too: https://gifs.digitalbooth.co/virtual/capture/qv5q4  
  3. Option 2: 
    1. Choose Video. Record a 30-second greeting about you and the Specialist program. 
    2. When you click on Approve, the site will save your video to the cloud. If you see a spinning wheel, you can ignore it after a few seconds. Enter your email and Send. 
    3. Follow step 2.c above.
  4. Option 3: Do both Option 1 and 2!  
  5. Visit the Virtual 30th Anniversary Celebration Gallery often to see who else is participating! 
  6. We’ll be watching all weekend too and maybe we’ll use your photo or video when we reshare on social media! We’ll also be using many of these testimonials in our outreach efforts in the coming year.

We can’t wait to see your posts and videos!   Many thanks in advance!

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