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Visit English Language Programs at the 2023 TESOL International Convention and English Language Expo!

English Language Programs is in Portland, Oregon, this March and is looking forward to meeting the ESL community in-person at the TESOL 2023 International Convention & English Language Expo! If you’re interested in learning more about cultural exchange with the Fellow, Specialist, and Virtual Educator Programs, please stop by our booth to talk with program staff and alumni and attend our sessions.


Time SessionLocation
9:00-5:30Expo Open
10:00-10:45U.S. Department of State Alumni Impact in Middle East, North AfricaPortland Ballroom 255
10:00-10:45Art as Advocacy: Fresh Approaches for Exploring American CulturePortland Ballroom 256
11:00-12:00Middle East, North Africa Meet UpBooth
12:00- 1:00Navigating Intercultural Communication and Building Connections in the Virtual ClassroomPortland Ballroom 255
12:00-1:00Using Forum for English Language Teacher Development (ELTD)Portland Ballroom 256
1:15-2:00Meet a Virtual EducatorBooth
1:30-2:15U.S. Department of State Alumni Impact in South/Central AsiaPortland Ballroom 255
1:30-3:15Using Storytelling to Build Connections and Promote English Language FluencyPortland Ballroom 256
2:30-3:15South/Central Asia Meet UpBooth
3:00-3:45Social-Emotional Learning with the English Language Specialist ProgramPortland Ballroom 255
3:45-5:30Essential Skills for Teacher TrainersPortland Ballroom 256
4:00-5:00U.S. Department of State’s Online Courses Supporting Global Issues Portland Ballroom 255
5:00-6:00American English Social Media: Building Professional Communities with International EducatorsPortland Ballroom 255


Time SessionLocation
8:30-5:30Expo Open
10:00-10:45U.S. Department of State Alumni Make an Impact in Africa  Portland Ballroom 255
10:30-11:15Challenging Stereotypes and Celebrating America’s Diversity Abroad Portland Ballroom 256
11:00-11:45U.S. Department of State Opportunities for Online Course Development  Portland Ballroom 255
11:00-11:45Africa Meet UpBooth
12:00-1:00American English (AE) Open-Educational Resources for International English Language Educators  Portland Ballroom 255
12:00-1:00Teach Abroad with the English Language Fellow ProgramPortland Ballroom 256
12:00-1:00OPEN US Partnership Opportunities and NetworkingBooth
1:30-2:15Specialist Master Class: ESP for Climate Change & Sustainability  Portland Ballroom 255
1:30-2:15U.S. Department of State Alumni Impact in East Asia, Pacific Portland Ballroom 256
1:30-2:15English Teaching Forum Hour Booth
2:30-3:15East Asia, Pacific Meet UpBooth
3:00-3:45OPEN Alumni Cascade Knowledge Globally  Portland Ballroom 255
3:30-4:15Meet a FellowBooth
4:30-5:30English as Public Diplomacy: U.S. State Department – Alumni Impact Awards  Portland Ballroom 256
6:00-7:30U.S. Department of State reception and awards ceremonyHyatt Regency Ballroom


TIME SessionLocation
8:30-3:30 Expo Open
9:00-11:00Alumni Networking EventBooth
9:30-10:00TESOL Coffee Chat with the Office of English Language Programs Hyatt Deschutes Ballroom A
11:00-11:45U.S. Department of State Alumni Impact in the AmericasPortland Ballroom 255
12:00-1:00 The Americas Meet UpBooth
1:00-1:45 U.S. Department of State Alumni Impact in EuropePortland Ballroom 255
2:00-2:45Stories, Tips, and Opportunities: Virtual Educators Making a Difference GloballyPortland Ballroom 255
2:00-2:45Europe Meet UpBooth

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All decisions related to participant terms (including candidate review, selection, funding, suspension, revocation, and termination) and all criteria related thereto are made and established by the U.S. Department of State.