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Seneca Ryan, an English Language Fellow in Kyiv, Ukraine, and five student tutors of the English Writing Center organized a “Bonanza” of events at the American Library at the National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. The tutoring team put their entrepreneurial skills to work as public speakers, organizers and promoters of the 4-day event.

Sessions included information about living and studying in the US and UK such as the university application processes & cultural comparisons, as well as how to improve personal study habits. The team also hosted a panel of three American Fulbright students to answer questions about the Fulbright program and much much more. Students and teachers from around Kyiv were in attendance.

This week-long event was started by the previous fellow in Kyiv last year. This time, the intention was to increase exposure of the English Writing Center while also giving student tutors the experience of organizing, advertising and speaking at an event which they created together.

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