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Comics and cartoons – a fun way to learn English

Through unique and unconventional methods, English Language Fellow Shaheed Sabrin made English learning a memorable experience for the Access Scholars of Marinduque National High School in the Marinduque province of the Philippines. A number of interactive activities helped students learn new vocabulary and improve their English speaking skills.

Access Scholars developing voiceovers for popular cartoon "Recess"
Access Scholars develop voiceovers for popular cartoon “Recess”

Sabrin asked the scholars to create their own comic strip stories and use the art of storytelling to share them with their classmates in a museum-like setting. The scholars also viewed a classic American cartoon called Recess and developed their own voiceovers to describe the actions of the characters on the show. Other activities students participated in included a rubber band exercise that strengthened their pronunciation and intonation, as well as “catch and speak” rounds with balloons that helped students learn new vocabulary.

The entire day was filled with heartwarming memories that strengthened all of the students’ English language muscles. The Access Scholars were so motivated to continue learning that they became virtual pen pals with Sabrin. Weekly Skype sessions have also been introduced to keep the learning process alive for the students.

You can watch a fun slideshow of photos from the day here.

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