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English Language Fellows Emily Jones and Christa Bixby coordinated a teacher’s conference at UNITAR International University in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Twenty-seven presenters held workshops for 174 participants, offering practical ideas for teachers to implement immediately into their classrooms. The conference was entitled; Thriving Classrooms: Inspirational Practices to Create Dynamic English Language Learning Environments. 

The event offered a balance of both educational theory and practice, and inspired teachers to share their personal classroom experiences. The conference included a reflection board and gallery walk activity where teachers discussed how to build a community, and the challenges they face as educators.

Bixby remarked that the conference was designed to “create community, to empower teachers in what they have to offer, to support and encourage innovative ideas, and to have all participants leave refreshed and re-energized.  I would say we accomplished that. Without a doubt, I would say this group of teachers left knowing they were valuable and that their work matters.”

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