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English Language Fellow Gives Workshop on Active Learning

On Thursday, February 22, 2018 English Language Fellow Jenna Buendia led a five-hour workshop entitled “Engaging Students through Active Learning” at Burapha University in Bangsaen, Thailand for forty-five instructors, including both university faculty and local secondary-school teachers. The goal of the workshop was to equip instructors with collaborative activities and games to enmesh students in the classroom experience. During the first session, attendees participated in ten collaborative partner or group activities. During the second session, attendees participated in seven partner or group games. “I enjoyed the workshop so much,” said participant Sutraphorn Tantiniranat, a university lecturer. “It was engaging and packed with lots of ideas I can use in my teaching.” The workshop also created a sense of community among local teachers in the region. Instructors enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with each other and would like to continue similar workshops in the future.

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