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English Language Fellow Leads Maluku Camp Epic 2-day Workshop

English Language Fellow Sultan Stover, alongside former participants of Camp EPIC, offered workshops over a 2-day period in Ambon, Indonesia. There were 50 pre-service English teachers in attendance who will begin their micro-teaching this semester.

The workshop modeled many of the activities that took place at Camp EPIC, however, was renamed “EPIC Weekend” due to the shortened amount of time. EPIC stands for Empowered, Prepared, Inspired, Connected, which is how participants are encouraged to feel after attending.  Throughout the workshops, lectures and hands on teaching practices, participants learned new ways to empower themselves and gain confidence.

Participants said the training was helpful because they were able to form a network of teachers that are all going through similar experiences. The EPIC Weekend provided new teachers with useful activities that they can implement immediately into their micro-teaching work.

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