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English Language Fellows and Language Lecturers Design Manual for Reading Strategies

English Language Fellows Casey Moorman and Ingrid Naumann, worked with 12 English Language Lecturers from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) on designing a teacher manual for current and seasoned lecturers in Indonesia.

During this interactive day-long workshop, “Developing Academic Reading Strategies for Improved Comprehension,” participants created step-by-step procedures for integrating before, during, and after reading strategies in their lessons. Fellows designed a metaphorical “teaching treasure chest,” and throughout the workshop, they introduced “teaching gems” such as: co-teaching, gradual-release model, cooperative learning, student-centered activities, brain breaks, group roles, think/pair/share, and assessment tools.

This manual will be a teaching tool for educators and students throughout Indonesia, and will not only improve test scores, but will emphasize the benefits of integrating a research-based reading strategy using familiar academic texts.

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