English language Fellows Cerise Santoro, Collette Lee, and Kelly Keegan collaborated with 33 English coordinators, supervisions, and teacher trainers throughout the island of Mindanao. Representatives from several schools were offered a three day American English resource training workshop on how to utilize the wealth of USG-sponsored “American English” materials. The workshop was critical in efforts to expand English language programming in the Mission-priority Mindanao region.

The program showed participants how to access American English teaching materials and to then use those resources to design workshops for teachers in their districts and regions. Each workshop will include 20 educators in each province and will be implemented over the next four months. Teams with plans that meet all of the program requirements are eligible to receive mini-grants of up to 50,000 pesos to conduct their workshops. After the four months, participants will assemble for a one day follow up program in which they will share the challenges, successes, and best practices they encountered in executing their workshops.

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