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Exploring ESP and Disaster Management with the Specialist Master Class

In 2021, Specialists Alicia Brent and Lisa Donohoe developed the first in a series of annual Specialist Master Classes. Through “A Case Study in ESP: Content-based Instruction for Disaster Management,” the Specialists shared their experience in developing an ESP course using a content-based instruction (CBI) approach for teaching English Communication for Disaster Management (ECDM), a topic that was completely new to them.

In nine short video sessions, the Specialists discuss their process from partnership-building to course delivery, with each session including an online discussion forum to exchange questions and answers, experiences and insights. Both Specialists shared their insights on the development of the course during a prerecorded session and live Q&A at the 2022 TESOL International Convention and English Language Expo, held March 22-25.

Video sessions from the course are now publicly available on YouTube. We encourage viewers to share the course, engage with the content, and leave key takeaways and concepts in the comments section below each video. The Master Class is valuable for teachers operating within a wide range of contexts. Follow the YouTube playlist of recorded sessions to develop a deeper understanding of how to create your own ESP-focused course.

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