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In coordination with several local organizations, English Language Fellow Elizabeth Bear took 50 Bethlehem University English majors on a field trip to Wadi Qelt, one of the most unique and beautiful hiking paths in the West Bank.  Through the knowledgeable local guides, the students learned about the nature in the area and the Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil (Abraham’s Path). 

The English Language Fellow in Ramallah, Kelle Mason, also attended to help chaperone, and to give students another opportunity to converse with a native speaker.  After the hike, everyone had lunch at a women’s center in Jericho, and the women prepared makloubeh, a traditional local dish.  Jericho holds the distinction of being the lowest city in the world as well as one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. This activity was valuable to students, as it introduced them to the beauty of the nature in the area and raised their awareness of tourism in the region.


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