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Fellow Experiences a Breakthrough in Mexico

In the second semester of her English Language Fellow assignment, Constance Foss has found success co-teaching an introductory English language class to a group of students from Escuela Normal University in Capulhuac, Mexico. After a busy first semester, in which the students were completing their teaching practicum for other subjects, her students now see the relevance of English in their own lives.

This semester, students have been arriving to class enthusiastic and prepared to work hard. Last week, Constance noticed a breakthrough: a student who couldn’t tell me his name during their first class was engrossed in reading his text. When she asked him a question, modelling the proper grammar structure, “Can you speak English?” Without hesitation, he answered “Yes, I can.”

Another student realized for the first time that his notebook displays a well-known song lyric in English, “All we need is love”. He hadn’t noticed the words until that lesson, in which the students learned how to find English everywhere.

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