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Fellow Hosts Viewing Party for President Obama’s Visit to Argentina

After being told about the Livestream of President Obama’s visit, English Language Fellow Tylie Cramer thought that a celebration of the visit could be combined with a viewing party of the event. Considering the political changes that have taken place in Argentina in the past year, President Obama’s visit to the country is of particular note. The activity intended to involve the IICANA students in a greater discussion about the significance of the President’s visit to them, and provide a space that highlighted the use of authentic language in a relevant way.

The participants watched a live showing of the President’s Town Hall meeting, in which he spoke to a group of young Argentina English teachers, State Dept. educational/professional exchange alumnus, amongst other local professionals and entrepreneurs of the general public.

The viewing party participants included advanced IICANA students, administration and English teachers. During the talk, the ELF wrote down on the whiteboard, any particularly interesting or significant idioms or turns-of-phrase spoken by the President. After watching the Live Feed of the event (with English subtitles provided by Youtube), there was a thirty minute impromptu discussion about the talk, the President’s use of certain English words/phrases and his overall visit to the country.

The ELF provided refreshments and snacks. There was a good turn-out to the event, regardless of the time of day. Feedback from the students was positive, afterwards they expressed that they felt included in this Presidential visit´s activities and acknowledged the impact it has on Argentine-US international relations.

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