English Language Fellow Codie Chaudoin presented “Using the Language Experience Approach to Boost Young Learners’ English” at the fourth annual Teacher Skills Forum in Jordan. Hosted by Queen Rania Teacher Academy in partnership with International Baccalaureate and held at the Dead Sea Conference Center, the Teacher Skills Forum brought together educators and stakeholders from the region to improve the quality of teaching.  Chaudoin created a dynamic workshop that demonstrated how the Language Experience Approach can be used with students of different ages and proficiencies to enhance all four language skills in an engaging, culturally-responsive instructional sequence.
The Language Experience Approach is one of the most frequently recommended approaches for beginning second-language readers because it bases early literacy instruction on the immediate concerns of the students. It follows many of the recommendations from the National Council of Teachers of English position paper on English Language Learning, such as using culturally-relevant reading materials that connect to students’ background knowledge and enabling a variety of reading experiences. LEA is relevant, significant, and engaging for students and uses their oral language as the basis of the text, which in turn becomes a source of meaningful input.
Participants will be able to integrate literacy learning and balance comprehension, word identification, and writing strategies as a result of this workshop. Using shared writing and interactive writing techniques, teachers learned to guide students to read and write the language they can speak. Participants also analyzed student writing samples to prioritize error correction and select grammar points for future teaching.

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