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Fellow Presents Workshops to Educators at Jinan University

English Language Fellow Dan Sloan presented a series of lectures at Jinan University in Guangzhou. Professor Sloan provided two workshops to a total of 500 university professors, teachers and graduate students. The topics of discussion for the workshops were “Creativity, Critical Thinking and Reading” and “Semantic Vocabulary Building.”

Participants were first given an introduction to the theory in SLA and ELT classrooms and then given the opportunity to practice in small groups. Professor Sloan emphasized the importance of creativity and critical thinking in successful reading comprehension. Participants were provided with strategies that will engage and illicit student interaction which will lead to a greater student understanding.

The “Semantic Vocabulary Building” workshop sought to distribute new knowledge and understanding. Professor Sloan introduced different methods of using the semantic map and mind games to develop cultural, vocabulary, and abstract understanding. Teachers will able to use these strategies in their classrooms immediately to provide students with challenging and rewarding activities.

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