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Fellow ‘Wows ‘Em’ with Webinar On Pre-reading Strategies

It’s surprising how many teachers do not do any type of pre-reading activities to ramp up student interest prior to cracking open a book. Fellow Rob O’Leary lead off the webinar by telling participants of being forced (FORCED!) to read “Wuthering Heights’ in high school without any sort of pre-reading activities to generate interest. He never was (and never will be) interested in this novel. In the webinar he shared some of his favorite pre-reading activities such as Speed Dating, Tea Party, Anticipatory Guide, and Novel Ideas Only. Participants from throughout Peru and two other countries were encouraged to share pre-reading strategies they use in their classrooms and how these new strategies might fit in with their work. It was like there was a party on the Internet and everyone (with an invitation and a password) was invited!

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