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A field trip to the National Landmark Garden in Burma

“One afternoon, my students from the Ministry of Information surprised me and asked, ‘Teacher Kelly, have you ever been to the Myanmar National Landmark Garden? The students would like to plan a field trip and take you there this week. We will teach you about Myanmar culture.'”

So began English Language Fellow Kelly Vassar’s recent excursion to the National Landmark Garden in Burma. That same week, Vassar’s English students were creating PowerPoints on some aspect of their nation’s culture. The field trip was a perfect complement to their projects. “Students were excited to use their language skills in a natural environment,” Vassar said.

The Creative Director of the Ministry of Information also joined Vassar and her class for the activity. “Students felt proud to display their English skills in front of a supervisor, and I was happy that my students gained recognition for having improved their English level during our course seminar,” Vassar said.

At the national exhibit, the students used their language skills to describe differences in culture among various Burmese people. They discussed a variety of topics, from topography and climate to food and communities.

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