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“Gone With the Wind” in Guangzhou, China

English Language Fellow Evan Tokarz led a spirited discussion of 30 people at a Guangzhou coffee shop on the novel and film phenomenon, Gone With The Wind. Tokarz chose this particular story because “the novel and film are a classic part of American culture and have a strong following worldwide.”

The lecture portion of the event focused on the history of the author as well as the history of the Civil War era. The talk then progressed to the story of the creation of the novel as well as the genesis of the film production. Relevant aspects of Southern culture were discussed, such as plantations, parlors, and porches, as well as connections to modern issues, like the Confederate Flag debate.

Attendees made connections to their own experiences with war and inquired about life for Americans living in the South in the modern age. This event was the perfect example of how Fellows in the English Language Programs enact cultural exchange in a fun and meaningful way.


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