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A Halloween party and haunted house in Indonesia

English Language Fellow Sultan Stover taught an English class about the history of Halloween and the cultural significance of masks in different cultures on Halloween. The class was held at American Corner UNIPATTI University in Indonesia.

Stover also hosted a Halloween party and haunted house for the residents of the surrounding community of Ambon, Indonesia, and the current students of his general English classes. Masks and Halloween were the major themes of the night, and it was a great success. Party-goers participated in bobbing for apples, face painting, pumpkin carving, and mask making. Participants practiced their English by telling ghost stories and discussing strange and spooky phenomena.

In Yogyakarta, Indonesia, another Fellow introduced Halloween to his students. Sean Stellfox led an interview-style workshop on the history of Halloween. Stellfox interviewed Ambassador Robert Blake about his knowledge of Halloween, and both interviewer and interviewee shared personal stories about their own Halloween adventures. Following a Q-and-A, workshop participants were given Halloween candy to finish up the workshop.

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