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Participants in Specialist Eve Smith's workshop in Cairo.
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Leadership camp benefits teachers and students in Egypt

In August, English Language Specialist Eve Smith led a leadership camp for over 200 Access students, teachers, and alumni. The group developed leadership skills at the American University in Cairo’s main campus.

During the first part of camp, teachers and trainers participated in training workshops on teaching culture. Smith used movies and literature to enhance their understanding of the similarities and differences between American and Egyptian culture. Workshops also included information on current teaching methodology.

The second part of the camp involved the students. One hundred students and one hundred Access alumni traveled all over Egypt to develop skills by learning about leadership and participating in fun activities like scavenger hunts, spelling bees, and jeopardy. Students worked in groups to create a community service project that they will implement in their communities when they return home. At the end of the intensive and fun two-day camp, the students expressed their enthusiasm through the creation of “Happy Access” videos inspired by Pharell Williams’s popular song “Happy.”

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