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All four English Language Fellows teaching in Malaysia—Jillian Baranzini, Emily Dunn, Steven Holland, and Shaheed Sabrin—presented at the annual Malaysia International Conference on English Language Teaching (MICELT) in Kuala Lumpur.

Baranzini presented on how to elicit prior knowledge as a warmer to begin class sessions or start a new unit. Activities that incorporate this method can be used by teachers as an informal assessment as well as a way of utilizing the classroom’s collective knowledge to encourage self-discovery.

Dunn led a session on foldables, which are a visual and tactile teaching strategy to help engage students in the learning process. Participants worked through a series of classroom activities using foldables to focus on key areas of concern in the English as a Second Language classroom, such as reading comprehension, vocabulary acquisition, academic writing, and assessment.

Holland presented on proven strategies for giving written corrective feedback. After discussing key principles of this method and reviewing a typology of feedback types, Holland covered a new method called Dynamic Written Corrective Feedback.

Sabrin’s presentation focused on the topic of self-sabotage and explored how to harness adrenaline to empower a public speaker and lessen presenting anxieties. His presentation was targeted to Teaching English as a Second Language professionals as well as students.

The Fellows also distributed the following materials: English Teaching Forum, Trace Effects, and Teaching Jazz Chants to Young Learners. The four Fellows are some of the first in English Language Program history to teach in Malaysia, so their participation in the annual conference represents a resounding success.

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