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Niger’s performing arts leaders begin cultural projects

Ten of Niamey, Niger’s brightest up and coming artists have been selected to participate in the first cohort of Performing Arts students at the University Abdou Moumouni.

In addition to creating and implementing a cultural project, the artists are learning business etiquette, computer skills, and English language skills. Through their work, the artists hope to help their communities and country develop strong human and civil rights. Naomi, a singer and writer, bases her writings on abolishing the suffering of women and children in Africa, while Moussa wants to teach his fellow Nigeriens the joys and importance of reading and oral literature.

English Language Fellow April Smith designed a 40-hour course to help the students create digital artifacts that will help them further their careers in the international sector. For four hours a day, the artists speak only English and work diligently to produce professional bios, project presentations, resumes and CVs, and performance fliers and programs.

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