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English Language Fellow Maggie Espino facilitated a two-day public speaking workshop in Dhaka, Bangladesh for university students.

On the first day, Espino discussed the physical and visual messages of presentations through an interactive session that included students, faculty, and the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the university. Students then immediately put these ideas into practice by creating their own Powerpoints. Many of the students had never used Powerpoint before, so Espino and the university’s language club advisor helped the students navigate the software.

Students had the chance to present short speeches on something they are experts in. For example, one student presented a speech on how to be a good friend, while another presented strategies for how to take care of the environment.

On the second day of the workshop, a local journalist facilitated the sessions. He focused on the story side of presentations, and the students practiced their public speaking skills by delivering speeches in which they roleplayed that they were campaigning for political offices.

Students who attended both days of the workshop received a certificate for their participation.

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