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Stories From the Field with English Language Programs

Through vivid memories of markets in Egypt, motorcycle rides in Indonesia, music in Vietnam, and English camps in Paraguay, these four Fellows share their experiences of connecting with others and expanding their own identity and culture while abroad. 
Natasha Agrawal was thrilled to start her fellowship in Egypt. She didn’t expect to find herself unsure of how to answer the common question, “Where are you from?” Listen to her story titled ‘Mistaken Identity’.

Alfredo Gaona leapt out of his cultural comfort zone when he and his wife moved to Indonesia. In the midst of the busy, noisy streets of Pontianak, Indonesia, Alfredo had some major personal and professional breakthroughs with teacher training. Listen to his story titled ‘Finding Common Ground’.

Ramin Yazdanpanah combined his personal love for music and the local love for karaoke in an engaging workshop for English language practice and cultural exchange. To hear how Ramin used different forms of music from Louis Armstrong to didgeridoo, listen to his story titled ‘Musical Crossroads’.

Kim Carroll was excited and nervous to start her interview for a fellowship in Paraguay. She was surprised by what came out of her mouth during the interview, but thankfully, it didn’t interfere with her becoming a Fellow. Instead, it helped expand and shift her view of what it means to be a role model and create a safe space for Queer educators and students. Listen to her story titled ‘What Not to Say in a Job Interview’.

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