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Teachers travel 60 miles by foot for workshop in the DRC

Forty-five teachers attended a three-day English teachers workshop on English clubs and democracy in the South Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This event was organized by English Language Fellow Dr. Bryce Smedley, who works for the Congo American Language Institute (CALI) at the U.S. Embassy of Kinshasa. This event was marked as the first English teachers workshop in the South Kivu province, and five teachers from the Penekusu village traveled over 60 miles by foot and bicycle to attend the workshop.

According to one workshop participant, English is a popular language used to address issues that are critical to youth in the DRC. Participants learned about new teaching methodologies and discussed other key topics such as promoting democracy and peace in their communities.

Teachers engage in an interactive workshop activity.
Teachers engage in an interactive workshop activity.


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